Outcompete God

children, retained the secret of immortality. By remaining in a non-communicative mode, Zon kept his mind free from the dishonesty/mysticism disease. That freedom allowed him to function with powerful, wide-scope accountability and fully integrated honesty.

To survive in the anticivilization, Zon camouflaged his expanding power with nondescript normalcy and routine competence. As Jesus camouflaged himself in his early years, Zon never displayed his essence — his secret, his QS — until near the end of his anticivilization career.

Jesus was two-thousand years early with his secret. Yet, he radiated great power across two millennia. Now, today, messages from a real C of U cast through the limitless range of cyberspace have profoundly greater power than Jesus could muster. For, he could only cast messages from an imagined heaven through the limited range of his voice. …Revealing Zon’s QS through cyberspace opens the way for all people on Earth to join their immortal cousins throughout the Civilization of the Universe.


The Story of Zon

At nine years of age, a muse named Zon held power over conscious life on Earth. Zon’s power was real and flowed from the laws of nature. Zonpower produces values for others and society. It has no connection to the unreal, force-backed power wielded over this anticivilization — a false power that has drained Earth’s value producers for 2300 years. Who wields such harmful power over the populace? Professional parasites and camouflaged value destroyers, ranging from corrupt politicians and lawyers to dishonest professors and journalists, wield that pseudo yet lethally destructive power. Those stealth criminals live off their duped victims — victims who include every competitive value producer on this planet. Those hidden criminals survive by leeching or stealing values from others and society through political-agenda


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