prevents wealth creation
through the
Lethal Stealth
Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

Usenet Post of September 6, 1997
The British Disease
Vilify Businessmen, Glorify Parasitical Elites

“England, the country that gave the world the competitive, job-producing, self-disciplined Scrooge to scorn, also gave the world the uncompetitive, tax-supported, self-indulgent Princess Diana to adulate. ... ‘Down with business people, up with parasitical elites’, says the British disease.

“In America, news journalists stood up to cheer when hard-driving, business-geniuses Michael Milken and Leona Helmsley were unjustly imprisoned. Those same journalists dressed in black to shed maudlin tears when a parasitical elite — a sleep-till-noon, cafe-society playgirl who manipulated compassion with low-effort photo ops — died in a drunken-drive, 100mph crash while endangering the lives of disposable commoners. ‘Let ‘em eat Establishment news coverage’, says the lethal stealth of Di elites.”

Rejecting their Manipulated Emotionalisms

Long live paparazzis, tabloids, and free enterprise. Long live free speech, freedom of the press, and objective law. …Let objective criminal-and-civil law resolve legitimate violations of individual rights.”

Why the Anticivilization is Incurably Sick

The above article was posted by Neo-Tech Publishing to Usenet newsgroups on the day of Princess Diana’s funeral. The article drew sharp criticisms, including criticisms from some Neo-Tech


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