Outcompete God

I should know what Zon and man is.


Neo-Tech forms an expanding spiral of knowledge-integrating deduction drawn from knowledge-building induction. That knowledge is, in turn, drawn from objective reality through fully integrated honesty. That expanding spiral yields ever greater clarity and profitability as all facts are orchestrated into a unity called Zonpower. ...After three decades, Wallace’s communication into this anticivilization concludes with a 512-page, pro-bono publication titled Outcompete God. That publication applies wide-scope accountability to dishonest academics, journalists, politicians, and other parasites who constitute much of the anticivilization Establishment. …When subjected to wide-scope accountability, parasitical elites vanish from existence.

Penetrating Anticivilization Minds

A forthcoming cyberspace phenomenon called Quintessential Secret constitutes a new kind of communication that will subconsciously penetrate the minds of businessmen and politicians alike — the minds of value producers and parasites alike. Quintessential Secret will penetrate the previously impenetrable intellectual-and-emotional anticivilization defenses — defenses against wide-scope accountability and fully integrated honesty. For 2300 years, those defenses have locked everyone on Earth into an irrational anticivilization — a world controlled by hidden neocheaters and camouflaged criminals since Plato1 in the third century BC. …Those defenses will finally crumble on

1Plato was a brilliant deductive rationalizer who opened the world to an anticivilization of subjective law and criminal rule. Aristotle, by contrast, was an honest inductive scientist who laid the groundwork for objective law and Neo-Tech free enterprise.


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