Outcompete God

Zon’s Quintessential Secret
through the
of universally recognized
Arts and Emotions
with wide-scope
Prose, Intellect, and Business

Be neither an Empiricist nor a Rationalist
Be neither an Intrinsicist nor a Subjectivist
Be a Wide-Scope Integrator of Objective Facts

Dr. Frank R. Wallace is no politically correct academic or pseudo-intellectual philosopher. He deals with hard reality, not with closed-circle abstractions. He is an industrial chemist, a high-stake poker player, and an in-the-trenches entrepreneur/businessman. Only from that unique combination of competitive experience and real-world perspective could Neo-Tech develop. Neo-Tech is not about philosophy or politics. It is about wide-scope business integrations combined with fully integrated honesty. Neo-Tech blends the competitive values of (1) history with logic, (2) the metaphor with the analogue, (3) the abstract with the concrete, (4) the perceptual with the conceptual, (5) the hypothesis with the fact, (6) the serious with the parody, (7) the intellectual with the emotional, (8) the hard-nosed with the compassionate, (9) the general with the specific, (10) the “is” with the “ought1.

1The general definition or the “is” of Neo-Tech is new technology and new techniques. The specific definition or the “ought” of Neo-Tech is fully integrated honesty. (Ref: Peikoff, Leonard, “Philosophic Integration: Unity in Epistemology and Ethics”, 1996)


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