Never Die, Never Age, Always Prosper

revealing Zon’s Quintessential Secret.

Quintessential Secret (QS) communicates via another-world symphonic prose. QS orchestrates together the universal communication of (1) widely integrated musical composition, (2) operatic oratorio, (3) epic or Homeric poetry, and (4) the fine arts into blends of fiction/nonfiction prose. That four-part blend of symphonic prose subconsciously bypasses everyone’s emotional and intellectual blocks in revealing one momentous reality: Earth’s irrational anticivilization can easily be booted out of existence by the rational Civilization of the Universe.

That four-part symphonic prose comprises eight movements that will whisk Neo-Tech/Zon into everyone’s life. The eighth and final movement will not only be open-ended but will be profitably synthesized by increasing numbers of authors, composers, poets, artists, business people, working people, and other net-value producers. …That eighth movement will build at ever increasing rates until the anticivilization fades into oblivion. Then, the populations of Earth will live with eternal prosperity in the Civilization of the Universe.

Neo-Tech Sweeps the Globe

Those who grasp the symphonic prose of QS will understand the opening movement titled Child Zon. They will then read, integrate, and reread deep into the mind of Zon — deep into their own minds — to capture the power of the next seven movements. Finally, igniting a chain reaction, they will sweep the globe clean of self-deception, dishonesty, and mysticism by becoming public exemplars of limitless prosperity, power, and romantic love. …The sequacious masses shall in cyberspace become independent sovereigns.

Again, few will catch on at first. But, those who do grasp the competitive advantages of symphonic prose will begin exciting business ventures into the Civilization of the Universe. For those entrepreneurs, the concepts of boredom, dishonesty, mysticism,


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