Outcompete God

as always previously done, he jujitsus every loss — every negative — into a positive dynamic that advances his goal. Nothing can stop his mission of (1) ending the force-backed parasitisms corrupting all governments, (2) establishing through cyberspace the rational, business-driven Civilization of the Universe here on Earth, and (3) sublimating mortals guided by death-causing mysticism into immortals guided by objective reality.

Beyond Good and Evil

In the C of U, the concepts of good and evil disappear and are forgotten. For, when evil vanishes, no contrasting concept exists to understand the concept of good. Instead, the concepts of nature, value production, and business dominate. Indeed, an economy driven by eternal health, happiness, and prosperity rules a rational civilization. …The C of U exists not beyond Nietzsche’ s good and evil but beyond the good and evil of an irrational anticivilization.

To repeat once again — accomplishing Wallace’s goal requires propagating two stunning realities among the world’s populace:

Reality #1 — Earth’s mind-created anticivilization is built on unreal illusions and mystical memes that guarantee ultimate failure and death for everyone.

Reality #2 — The existence-created Civilization of the Universe is built on objective reality that guarantees eternal prosperity for everyone.

A libretto for the forthcoming operatic oratorio, QS: Life Immortal, will emotionally communicate both realities to the populations of this world as indicated in the following preludes:


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