Outcompete God

criminality, disease, aging, and death will disappear as their prosperity and power rise to undreamed heights. …Those who grasp the mind of Zon will bathe the globe with Neo-Tech to collect limitless benefits for themselves while delivering increasing prosperity to all populations.

Indeed, entrepreneurs who grasp those Neo-Tech/Zon concepts will ultimately outcompete Frank R. Wallace and Neo-Tech Publishing Company to envelop the globe with the Civilization of the Universe. Such entrepreneurs will be driven by supremely profitable business dynamics in grabbing ever greater chunks of expanding C of U businesses.

The Question


Dead Populations Walking

Government-made laws and justice execute the condemned with lethal injections of drugs. The execution hides behind a facade of merciful sleep which conceals a fast turbulence of crushing pain and agonizing death. That lethal injection contains a drug which acts first to paralyze outward movements of the body so no sign of the ultimate physical torture can be detected by observers. Outside observers can see only the closing of a man’s eyes as his outer body passes into a motionless state. Once the doomed man is incapable of outer movement or expression, the other drugs kick-in. Then he starts feeling the most horrible of pains: His internal body and its organs begin ripping apart and then collapsing as organ after organ crushes life into death. …Everyone else sees only a peaceful, “painless” death of a condemned man.

Government-made criminals and parasites called neocheaters execute entire populations with lethal injections of dishonesties and mysticisms. The execution hides behind a facade of “natural”


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