Never Die, Never Age, Always Prosper

life, which conceals a slow turbulence of personal loss and certain death. That lethal injection contains soothing mysticisms that cause its victims to slowly lose the values of life. Thus, they march toward eternal death in their unnatural anticivilization. They never experience the limitless life and prosperity available in the natural Civilization of the Universe.

Government-made neocheaters are not totally responsible for creating their unreal anticivilization. Their victim populations are responsible for accepting that nothing anticivilization.1 . . .In prison, dead men are walking. In the anticivilization, dead populations are walking.

Is there an escape from the slow execution and eternal death that awaits everyone on Earth? Is there a way for people on Earth to live naturally — to live with eternal prosperity and non-aging happiness?

The Answer



The final Neo-Tech document will reveal Zon’s Quintessential Secret (QS) — the end game for terminating boredom, aging, and death on planet Earth.

1The Neo-Tech/Zon literature occasionally refers to the anticivilization and its ingredients — dishonesty, irrationality, and mysticism — as unreal or nothing. In the philosophical sense, the anticivilization and its ingredients are, of course, entities with identities, causes, effects, and properties. Thus, they are real and something. Thoughts, dreams, imaginations, illusions, lies, even hallucinations are likewise real in that philosophical sense. Yet, ultimately, contradictions do not exist in reality, because all seeming contradictions are resolved at wider-scope integrations of knowledge. In that way, the anticivilization along with its irrational, dishonest, and mystical ingredients vanish as unreal or nothing in the Civilization of the Universe. For, those entities are non-existent within the widest-scope laws of nature and fully integrated honesty. Thus, from the non-philosophical context within the Civilization of the Universe, the anticivilization and its dishonesties, irrationalities, and mysticisms are unreal, nothing.


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