Will QS Reach You in Time for Eternal Prosperity?




Zon’s Quintessential Secret

(QS underlies Cassandra’s Secret, Zonpower, and the Zon Protocols)

Professional Parasites
by bringing forth a
Cyberspace/Cybercash/Free-Enterprise Economy
that delivers
Eternal Prosperity & Non-Aging Immortality

In 1992, Dr. Frank R. Wallace was isolated incommunicado in a federal prison because his Neo-Tech publications publicly revealed the Golden-Helmet revenue system. Unleashing that rational revenue system would have by nature purged professional parasites from government and society. Yet, during his imprisonment, Wallace discovered the simplest, highest-leveraged mission for Neo-Tech: Use Neo-Tech to reveal the stark realities of Earth’s anticivilization versus the Civilization of the Universe. Through such revelations via the Quintessential Secret, he will accomplish his goal of calling forth a rational, mystic-free civilization on planet Earth.

No one can deter Wallace. If necessary, he will return to prison for his “execution” sought by professional parasites who must perpetuate this anticivilization to survive. As a high-stake risk taker who works through metaphorical time bombs, Wallace is willing to “lose everything” in order to gain everything. For,


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