Never Die, Never Age, Always Prosper

oriented anticivilization constructed by parasitical rulers functioning through networks of criminal politics. How did such grand-scale criminality evolve? For 2300 years, camouflaged thieves masquerading as rulers and leaders created, perfected, and then propagated a force-backed anticivilization here on Earth. They became parasitical elites by building an anticivilization based on a terminal disease — on the ultimately fatal disease of dishonesty and its symbiotic mirror image — mysticism. Thus, the parasitical elites have cost the life and future of every human Earthling for over two millennia. Why did they commit such crimes? Because only through force, dishonesties, thefts, frauds, Ponzi schemes, and mysticisms can parasites coerce or trick the competitive value producer — the fountainhead of human values — into supporting their lethal-stealth hoaxes of unearned livelihoods and illusions of self-worth.

The Music Connection

How can parasitically exploited adults once again glimpse the eternal Civilization of the Universe? Perhaps the most effective conduit for emotionally glimpsing aspects of the exciting C of U versus today’s moribund anticivilization is through integrated music — such as universally appealing classical/romantic music.

For example, consider the longings for life by those last to tragically die before QS delivers non-aging biological immortality


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