Table of Contents 2
Earn Limitless Prosperity, Enjoy Life Forever 2
Good News for Lawmakers, Judges, Lawyers 3
Lethal Stealth of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa 4
Outcompete God 7
Four Premises 7
Unlocking Zon’s Quintessential Secret 10
Neither a Rationalist nor an Empiricist 10
Wide-Scope Knowledge is Ultimate Power 11
Penetrating Anticivilization Minds 12
Neo-Tech Sweeps the Globe 13
Dropping Dead Slowly 14
Never Die, Never Age, Always Prosper 15
Music Connection 19
Visiting the C of U via Music 21
Will Zon’s QS Reach you in Time? 25
Beyond Good and Evil 26
Prelude to Life Immortal 27
Child Zon to the Dark World Came 28
Story of Zon 30
QS and Zon Conquer All 36

Earn Limitless Prosperity, Enjoy Life Forever

In cyberspace, Web and Usenet postings provide a powerful new tool for creating literature of the future — literature for creating limitless wealth. This Introduction serves as a prelude to a forthcoming 51 2-page, pro bono manual. That manual is about earning money, power, and sex by outcompeting God — by outcompeting the God of Earth’s anticivilization. This 40-page Introduction has undergone 220 edit drafts from 55 printed drafts; six of those drafts were from Web and Usenet printouts. After reading the most-current posts versus earlier posts, one sees the conceptual progressions toward universal literature that points the way to limitless wealth creation for all individuals.

Newton Unified Heaven and Earth
Neo-Tech Unified God and Man

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