Outcompete God

“Out of eternally honest cyberspace
there seems to condense
a wonderful yet at first a hardly perceptible vision.
And out of this there emerges
ever more clearly
a Zon host bearing in its midst
the Civilization of the Universe.
The glory of the vision grows and grows
until it seems as though the rapture
must be shattered and dispersed
by the
very vehemence of its expansion.
The flames die away
and the Zon host soars up again
to the ethereal heights of cyberspace
bringing eternal prosperity to all.”

Child Zon to the Dark World Came

Midst America’s great depression appeared a child named Zon. From where did he come? From where did Byron’s Childe Harold come? At four years of age, Zon held within his aura the Quintessential Secret that delivers life immortal. Nearly all children possess that secret up to four years of age. A secret that they never communicate to adults. But, what happens when they start communicating with adults in sentences? By the age of six, children lose and forget forever the secret of immortality. Thus, they change from natural immortals to unnatural mortals, never realizing their profound loss.

How do they lose such a valuable secret? Through sentence communications, adults protect their anticivilization investments. How? By using automatic dishonesties and reflex mysticisms to methodically erode each child’s natural ability to process objective reality with total honesty. Without that natural grasp on reality and honesty, their secret vanishes — forgotten forever in a path


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