Never Die, Never Age, Always Prosper

Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey music from Richard Strauss’s1 Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Andrew Lloyd Webber through his Phantom of the Opera recognized that love and music were everything in this anticivilization.

Debussy opened the door to modern music. Zon opened the door to the C of U.

As one visitor to the Neo-Tech/Zon web site asked, “In some profound sense is the Universe a song?” Yes, through the unified integration of metaphysics and epistemology — through the objective unity of metaphorical Gravity Units and Thinkons — the Universe is a song. For example, through tone poems, Neo-Tech can interconnect all knowledge and things into a Universe — all differentia into a single objective unity — as will be demonstrated by the forthcoming operatic oratorio titled QS: Life Immortal. …QS is the total Universe unified into a song.

Visiting the C of U via Music

Exciting new knowledge arises from recognizing the pure honesty of widely integrated music. Integrated music includes most classical and romantic era music with some baroque music such as Bach revealing exquisite beauty and some “romantic/modern” music such as Rachmaninoff’s Theme of Paganini revealing the victory of a rational devil.., and even Renaissance music such as the enduring Greensleeves and the works of Palestrina. Integrated music represents the richest, most-enjoyable source of C of U entities existing in Earth’s anticivilization. Indeed, that music along with mathematics would be the most-basic, immediately recognized form of intellectual and emotional communication among civilizations throughout the Universe.

Note the following three gems of new knowledge that arise from recognizing the universality of widely integrated music:

1As an aside, whist card-killer Richard Strauss was the soul mate to Wallace’s fictional poker card-killer John Finn.


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