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Frank R. Wallace’s closing work in the anticivilization marked the beginning of the end to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Outcompete God presents Wallace’s opening work from the approaching Civilization of the Universe. This opening work marks the beginning of the end to Earth’s anticivilization: This work introduces the political process for outcompeting God by bringing prosperity to everyone on Earth. How? By intertwining facts, history, and logic throughout cyberspace to (1) empower the individual as a healthy, wealthy, sexy sovereign, (2) replace those in government and the legal profession who live through socially harmful dishonesties; (3) replace their subjective, political-agenda, “a-point” laws with objective, honest, “the-point” laws; and (4) replace their irrationally harmful, properly hated income taxes with rationally constructed, gladly paid consumption “taxes”.

That four-part political process will lead to the “Golden-Helmet” revenue/wealth system ( Using Neo-Tech as an objective-based tool to explore the future, one can see how the Golden Helmet would prevent the coming stock-market crash, the coming recession/ depression, and the coming Balkan/Middle-East/Asian wars.

The “Golden-Helmet” principles will, however, by the turn of the century, begin delivering peace and prosperity to the populations of this world through cyberspace. …Dr. Wallace was imprisoned in 1991 by the federal government for developing, publishing, and implementing those “Golden-Helmet” principles that will someday let everyone outcompete God. How? By (1) ending the rule of parasitical elites and (2) bringing forth peace and prosperity to all populations via cyberspace/cybercash free enterprise (ref: Forbes, 9/8/97).

Drew Ellis, Editor
September 29, 1997

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