Never Die, Never Age, Always Prosper

supporters, for its “lack of compassion and sensitivity”. Those critics failed to abstract and understand the unifying principles of justice that the article embodies.1 The article displays extraordinary compassion, benevolence, and sensitivity to the countless lives of innocent, value producers diminished or destroyed in an anticivilization dominated by tax-consuming Princess-Di elites manipulating the populace into supporting their gun-backed parasitisms.

The negative reactions to that article demonstrated why nothing within the anticivilization can cure its dishonesties, its irrationalities, its mysticisms. That article demonstrated why only free enterprise in cyberspace will undermine the parasitical cults of victimhood. . .and then vanish their anticivilization. How? By outcompeting God via competitive business to render irrelevant the malignant emotionalisms that today infect everyone on Earth.

Ending the Mother-Teresa Hoax

Unlike Princess Diana, Mother Teresa was respectable in personal character and was not a parasitical elite. Yet, poverty-pledged Mother Teresa fueled the mirror image of the anticivilization-altruistic hoax promoted by Di elitists. Mother Teresa gained anticivilization fame second only to Jesus by glorifying and promoting poverty and misery. She never supported or even acknowledged the only benevolent dynamic that eliminates poverty — competitive, value-producing business. Through her adamant opposition to abortion, birth control, divorce, she multiplied the malevolent dynamic of human sacrifice that promotes poverty, misery, and unhappiness, especially among the

1All human knowledge is in terms of unified context (e.g.: all-inclusiveness) and single principles (e.g.: justice) built from interconnected concretes such as Scrooge, Princess Diana, and Mother Teresa. . .The single greatest document in the anticivilization reflecting the unified context of justice and individual rights is Thomas Jefferson’s “Declaration of Independence”. As novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand once said, If it is ever proper for man to kneel, it would be when reading the Declaration of Independence.


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